Codesplice Limited is an IT solution provider based in London, UK, and is the parent company of products like FMVerify, CUTE & RAPID.

Codesplice understands that there is never just one approach and never a “one size fits all” answer. Codesplice will work with you to assess all aspects of your requirements and then define and provide a solution for all your needs.

A management team with over 100 years of combined experience in Information Technology, Business Management, and Consulting leads a dynamic and experienced company, educated in all facets of technology solution and service delivery.

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Software Development

From lightweight desktop applications to enterprise size software products, Codesplice can develop a bespoke solution for your business needs.


Using technologies provided by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Codesplice can provide complete solutions for your business.

Managed IT Services

Codesplice can help you construct the right combination of systems, hardware, software and processes to make sure your business is efficient, optimised and best positioned for growth.

IT Consultancy

Sometimes all that’s needed is guidance and a sounding board for ideas. Codesplice can help advise you everything from the processes you need, to the systems and solutions those processes need to function.

Infrastructure  Solutions

Helping businesses with the need or desire to keep their IT in-house, hybrid or Cloud based, we pride ourselves in deploying our innovative solutions to fulfil your requirements on cost and time.

Support Consulting

Giving you peace of mind that your IT landscape, your customers and your business are in good hands, Codesplice can provide all levels of support service and for all aspects of your information technology needs.


With the Falsified Medicines Directive upon us from February 2019 we wanted to use our verification and decommissioning requirements to springboard further operational services to our market sector. Our business requirements are to offer serialisation, that is; to create the new standard of 2D barcodes required by the FMD directive.


After consulting with a number of organisations, Codesplice provided us the confidence of a cost-effective serialisation implementation path and demonstrated the nuances of this sector. It was welcome to see that an aggregation service was automatically included in the serialisation module and their overall product delivery addressed not only the FMD but the complementary services that pharmaceutical / parallel importers may need to offer.


Codesplice through their product FMVerify, FMSerialisation and FMAggregation have been extremely professional throughout the journey so far and have assisted with procurement advice on hardware and compliance standards such as SOP’s and version control
Pricing was an important factor but also service and we are happy to recommend Codesplice and their FMVerify solution

Austin Chambers (Manager)


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From the idea to the final solution. We offer all services - from the selection of software architecture to its production and integration with existing systems, maintenance and further development.

We are proud to announce that we have been certified with IASME Governance Standard with Gold level and Cyber Essentials.

We are now licensed Cyber Essentials & IASME governance assessor

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