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FMD Compliance & Batch Tracing made easy

Streamline your wholesale scanning operations and meet FMD compliance with an innovative cloud-based software service

Reduce your risk and get FMD

Reduce your risk and get FMD compliance in the shortest possible time with high-performance, versatile warehouse software that seamlessly links with laser scanning devices and mobile phones.

Improve scanning efficiency

FMVerify features a rapid scan mode which displays immediate multiple scan results on one screen, allowing the user to continue to scan more packages. Therefore, you increase the productivity of your warehouse staff.

Rapid FMD compliance

FMVerify is designed with achieving FMD compliance in mind. The software automates quality management processes to meet FMD regulations more quickly and easily.

Time-saving aggregation code

FMVerify’s aggregation barcode feature will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes sharing your goods with other departments or partner companies. Each box or pallet is given a unique aggregation barcode which can be scanned at the receiving end to instantly reveal the contents.

Automated reporting

FMVerify handles all the scanning and aggregation data and can automatically produce a variety of reports to assist with management and FMD compliance.

Everything you need to reach FMD compliance and increase scanning productivity and accuracy


Rapid Scan Mode

Increase pack scanning productivity by displaying results on one screen and create box aggregation in a single step. Optionally link
additional details, including PO number, supplier or customer reference, price, and warehouse location.



Instantly produce single aggregated barcodes for boxes or pallets.


Monitor Reports

Monitor scanned data & automatically produce audit, batch, and expiry reports.
Export data available in Excel format.


Multilingual Support

Portal available in the English, Czech, Dutch,
Romanian & Slovak language.